How do I see how much traffic is coming to my site?

This depends on what statistics system is currently active for your website:

Google Analytics

My preferred stats system, Analytics is a powerful yet free website traffic monitoring system provided by Google.
To install it, Analytic’s scripts must be installed in your website, then data is accumulated from that point on. These scripts are provided when setting up your Analytics account. NB You will need to have a Google ID to create your Analytics account.

To view and analyse the data, visit the Analytics page: and sign in using your Google ID.

Webaliser et all

Your web hosting package may provide a statistics package for your website using one of these tools:

  • Webaliser
  • AWStats
  • Logaholic
  • Analog

These tools process your web hosting server’s activity logs to present activity etc for your site. These tools are considered to be less accurate than Analytics and are unable to provide as much activity data because of the way that they work.

Other stats packages

There are also a number of other website stats packages including:

Stat Counter
A free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats.

Site Meter

What are Analytics Top Conversions Paths?

Conversion tracking is the ability to capture and review what happened prior to a successful outcome in your website. Typically a conversion is a sales objective such as:

  • a contact enquiry form submission
  • newsletter registration
  • download of a PDF
  • an ecommerce sales transaction

We track these successes to find out what’s working and what’s not in your site.

Multi-Channel Funnels

Visitors don’t always reach the conversion phase in a single visit, and may take several visits. In these cases understanding how the client returns to complete the conversion is critical.
Often its the last step in the process is recognised as the successful medium when it not.

top conversion paths sample

For example, I click on an Ad to visit your site.
I consider your offering; discuss it with my wife or business partner etc
After some time I return to your site with a Google search of your business name after deciding to register for the newsletter

It is your advertisement that attracted me to your site, not the followup Google search for your business name

Understanding how a new client engages with your business is critical so it can be replicated and reinforced to generate more leads for your business.

Analytics provides a deceptively simple conversion chart showing the channels and their order that contributed to the conversion.

Illustrated right is an extract of the Top Conversion Paths screen showing the sequence of events that lead to conversions:

  • two organic searches
  • two directs (ie typed in the web address)
  • two referals (ie clicked on a link in another site)
  • three referals (ie clicked on a link in another site)
  • a referal then a search