What is a ‘Digital’ Competitor ?

‘Digital Competitors’ are those businesses that complete with you online.
I refer to digital competitors to draw attention to the fact that while a business will know who in their marketplace they compete with, the internet is an entirely different situation:

Same industry different place
The internet does not respect geography. Although there are businesses similar to yours off-line you never compete because they are too far away for clients to consider using them. On the internet they are all as close as your client’s computer screen!

Different industry same keywords
On the internet you compete for keywords
Often you will stumble across accidents of language where the popular description for your offerings coincidentally and unfortunately matches a description in a completely unrelated business or industry.

e.g. You hire indoor plants so your keywords might be plant hire but that’s also what the civil construction industry use to describe earth moving equipment hire !

Why doesn’t Google know about my site?

Often Google does not know about a website, and if that is the case your site will not come up in any search results what so ever. I describe this as invisible to search.
As smart as Google is, it can’t spontaneously find out about your site, so to ensure Google knows about your site:

  • Create and register an XML sitemap (highly recommended)
    Submit the XML Sitemap to Google WebMaster Tools
  • Use a menu system that is ‘spider friendly’ (a no-brainer)
  • Providing links in your home page text into pages within the site.
    This is a great strategy as it also draws human visitors to engage further with your site

The only way a prospective client will be able to see your offerings online is if they already know your website address.  That’s OK if you have handed them a business card, or they have seen your off-line advertising, but you have lost the major opportunity that the internet provides; being able to present your offerings at purchase decision research time

Which Google should I target?


Target the Google that’s in the same region as your customers. You might have noticed that there are different ‘Googles’ in different countries or geographical regions e.g.

In facts there’s heaps of them!  Each version of Google gives local websites a certain priority, and also ‘magically’ people are directed to their local Google so for optimal ranking choose a website domain that matches your target market’s local Google e.g.

If your target clients live in Australia (and hence
use www.google.com.au) a .com.au domain is suggested.

Top level domains (TLD)

Top level domains are a special case as Google WebMasters Tools allows top-level domain ( .com or .org) to be re-assigned to a specific geographic region although they do initially default to USA.

What is internet marketing?

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is the online version of marketing
essentially its about improving your website’s sales outcomes.

The process works like this:

  • What most businesses need are sales.
  • Sales come from sales leads.
  • Sales leads come from engaged website visitors.
  • These are people who find your site when they are looking for your products and services.

There is nothing accidental, incidental or substantially changed about this sequence in the 10+ years I’ve been involved with marketing online.

A good Internet Marketer will:

  • understand what your clients want and how they seek it.
  • attract these people to your website.
  • help these visitors to find out more about your offerings
  • coax them to engage with your business (that’ a sales lead!)