Often Google does not know about a website, and if that is the case your site will not come up in any search results what so ever. I describe this as invisible to search.
As smart as Google is, it can’t spontaneously find out about your site, so to ensure Google knows about your site:

  • Create and register an XML sitemap (highly recommended)
    Submit the XML Sitemap to Google WebMaster Tools
  • Use a menu system that is ‘spider friendly’ (a no-brainer)
  • Providing links in your home page text into pages within the site.
    This is a great strategy as it also draws human visitors to engage further with your site

The only way a prospective client will be able to see your offerings online is if they already know your website address.  That’s OK if you have handed them a business card, or they have seen your off-line advertising, but you have lost the major opportunity that the internet provides; being able to present your offerings at purchase decision research time

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