Google accumulates an amazing amount of search activity data and also provides a number of publicly accessible portals to selected portions of this data. Google Trends is an interesting tool that provides information about searches conducted in Google. Trends has data captured since 2004 and can regionalise and compare results. Trends is a valuable free research tool and to illustrate its ability we’ve prepared the South Aussie Rising Searches display in our website. This shows Rising Searches for South Australians over the last week as a simple illustration of Trends amazing ability.  

Rising Searches are those searches that have increased significantly compared to the previous period (in this case the last 7 days), providing the ability to identify trends as they emerge – a valuable research tool for business where subtle changes in customer interest can mean the difference between success an failure.

Given the widespread use of Google, this Trends display literally shows what is top of mind for South Australian’s this week…



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