Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, dominated by Google’s AdWords, is an important online marketing medium.  AdWords is an online auction where you show an advertisement to people searching for your product/services. You only pay if they click on your ad.


You bid to gain visibility
Generally the more you bid; the greater your ad’s visibility
You beat your competitors by out-bidding them


Ad exposure is proportional to your total (daily) budget
Increase your (daily) budget to be seen more

Advantages of PPC

PPC is fabulous for

  • simple, short lead time online exposure.
    Your business can achieve almost instant exposure for a managed investment.
  • short term sales campaigning and is important for services that clients need right now.
    i.e. short lead time sales like repairs etc

PPC also avoids the vagaries of Google SEO.
Google is actively stopping traditional SEO techniques so being ranked organically is becoming less reliable.

Disadvantages of PPC

The ongoing expense. Turn off your ads and the phone stops ringing.
For me its like leasing – you never own it

Bid prices creep up over time with:

  • Competition who keep increasing their bids.
  • New competitors bidding for exposure as well.

In my view the greatest concern with PPC is that your business can become locked into a one dimensional online marketing program PPC.
Shut down your PPC campaign you don’t have any sales leads. Arrggh!

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