Backlinking Industry

This ‘industry’ was an enormous global market that was made instantly redundant by Penguin 5 – Presumably thousands of people with previously gainful employment have been impacted.  Some of the backlink creation businesses are still operating, despite the risks of compromising the websites their work is intended to assist.

Businesses with Backlinked Sites

If your website was involved in an SEO program prior to Oct 5 2013 it is very likely that a backlinking program was part of it. If the Penguin 5 filter deems the level of ‘unnatural links’ in your site is too high then your site will be penalised by not appearing in search results.
For contemporary businesses reliant on online sales or sales lead generation penguin 5 penalties are catastrophic.

Innocent victims of Penguin 5

I have witnessed several ‘innocent victims’ of Penguin 5 as a result of :

  • Directory sites
    Google has clamped down on backlinks even from well known directory sites who provide links without a no follow directive.
    I’m sure I’m not the only SEO specialist who is contacting the directory site’s management to have my client’s backlinks removed or converted to no follow. These people are typically shocked and in denial of the thought that their site is compromising their clients sites. I feel for them, as they are providing a genuine and valuable service. There is no way they would deliberately compromise their clients sites – Who would ‘bite the hand’ that feeds them ?
  • Advertising Links
    If advertising links to your website do not have a no follow directive it can result in ranking penalties. As an example, Ive been involved in one case where banner advertising on an industry portal site didnt not contain no follow resulting in a client’s site being penalised with significant ranking drops.

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