Adding AdWords conversion tracking to a WordPress site

If you are using AdWords, you may be painfully aware that its easy to spend lots of money on clicks and not get a result.
Measuring the outcomes from your click investment is key to optimising your campaign and of course reducing click costs. AdWords has a number of features that can help you track outcomes or ‘Conversions’ but these need to be implemented to be used.

Internet marketing jargon for measuring and tuning website sales outcomes is Conversion Optimisation

What is your Conversion?

The process starts with defining what a conversion is for your website… Maybe your site, like many, doesnt sell stuff online, so tracking ecommerce transactions is just not relevant to you. Consider your site’s online sales objective(s).  Is it:

  • Submitting an enquiry
  • Downloading a document or PDF
  • Registering for a newsletter

These sales objectives can be readily tracked as conversions, then used as input to your AdWords campaign for tuning and/or reporting.

Once the target conversion is known then the AdWords conversion tracking scripts will need to be configured and installed into your site.
These scripts are only installed only on one page – the page immediately after the ‘conversion’ .  This could be a bit of a daunting process with WordPress, but the Smart Google Code plugin makes this delightfully easy.

Once your conversion tracking code is installed sit back and wait for some data and conversions to percolate through the system
Add the conversion tracking fields into your AdWords displays

Sample AdWords Conversion Data

Sample AdWords Conversion Data

As we can see above, the Click Through Rate (CTR) shows 3.5%  which is typically all you would be able to determine.
With conversion tracking enabled, we can see that 391 clicks produced 57 conversions, resulting in a conversion rate of 14.6%  or $23.10 per conversion – this is much more commercially informative information.


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