Adelaide SEO

In this page we examine how to discover your target keywords – a key part of Adelaide SEO. Previously we explored what SEO is, and why ironing out those On Page issues is so important for Google performance.

What is Keyword Research?

‘Keyword Research’ is uncovering the common searches used by your target market.  This important activity is often over-looked, or worse assumptions are made about what people search for – big mistake! It’s often surprising what the most popular searches are on a given topic.

Keyword Research References

Google provides the Keyword Planner – one of several support tools inside Adwords. It’s an excellent keyword research tool. Over on the resources page is Using the Google Keyword Planner Also there’s an aging but still relevant white paper Discovering your Target Keywords which is a guide to keyword research strategy.

Adding Keywords into your Site

Once you’ve shortlisted commonly search terms that are the most likely ones used by prospective clients, the next step is to convince Google that your site is a ‘subject-matter-expert on those terms.  You do this by providing content in your website that relates to the target terms you selected. The more content the better. Page 6 of Discovering your Target Keywords covers this off.

Important areas in your web site for including your keywords are:

Title Meta Tag

The Title meta tag tells your browser and search engines, including Google what the page is about.

Heading 1

A HTML formatting that tells your browser and Google that this is what the page is about (see a theme emerging here… ?)


Use the target keyword and a ‘font treatment’ like bolding in the first paragraph. Use variations and synonyms – words with the same meaning as well.

Image ALT tags

Website images can usually have a text value known as an ALT tag assigned to them.
If your CMS doesn’t allow this, check this that it really is ‘SEO friendly