AdWords announces integrated Call Tracking

Google is now providing Call Tracking in its AdWords campaigns.

Prior, you would have to engage an external digital telephony provider to get a trackable number and Analytics integration to trace call leads from your Adwords campaign. Now you can manage this from within the AdWords campaign – and it is ‘free’… Well you don’t have to pay any more than the the click costs…

This will allow you to track inbound calls generated as leads from your AdWords campaign to reveal your best converting keywords etc a key piece of online marketing data.
When you’ve established this, you can then apply this in your organic search effort as well. Read more in Google’s announcement.

Mobile phone callers are an important channel, with smartphones used increasingly for online product research, followed by the seductively convenient “click to call” to make a call based enquiry direct from your website & or Ads. The new Adwords offering also works for inbound landline calls too although it does take a bit of digestion to get your head around how and why Google have used dynamic telephone numbers generated ‘at each ad click’.

Avanser a prominent Australian digital telephony provider noted that the Adwords Call tracking was not a fully rounded offering such as their offerings.

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