Adwords Ads disappear from Google’s right hand margin

AdWords competition just hotted up significantly!

No right hand column ads

Google are no longer showing ads on the right hand column of Google searches on desktops.
This means the number of ad slots to show your ads has reduced from 11 to 3 or 4 at best.
Previously up to 3 ads were shown at the top of each page (these usually attract most of the clicks) and the remainder were shown in the right hand column to a total of 11.   Previously it was possible to tune ads to appear in positions 4-6 – the top positions on the right hand margin – but no more.
Now to be seen you’ll need to bidding for one of the top 3 or 4 slots or try to sneak into the 3 ads at the page bottom.

What does this mean for your online campaign?

Google have removed the option to place ads in ‘cheaper’ ad slots by removing them altogether…
Click costs will jump significantly in the scramble for visibility in the remaining ad slots which of course wont hurt Google’s revenues…

Is it the end of ‘budget bidding’ ?

‘Budget bidding’ ads can be now placed at the bottom of the search page
I’m not convinced. Who scrolls to the bottom of a Google search ?


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