AdWords Ad Extensions

AdWords provides a series of Ad Extensions that additional structured content to be added to your AdWords ads. Leveraging this ability provides several significant benefits for your online advertising:

Increased visibility
The ad extensions are displayed under your ads making the ads’ over-all footprint larger. The bigger your ad, the more obvious it is and so there is a increased chance prospects will therefore notice and click on your ads. Your larger footprint ad also displaces your competitor’s ads.

Reinforce your preferred Call to Action
By judiciously selection, the ad extension can encourage outcomes that are consistent with your preferred conversion path eg

  • If you prefer clients Phone you then use Call Extensions
  • Location Extension help guide personal shoppers to your business
  • SiteLinks help coax searchers into your website
  • etc

Build your Credibility
As we all know referral sales are the best, so now you can now include testimonials in Review Extensions

There more extensions as well and new ones keep appearing, so select the most appropriate Ad Extensions to keep your ads prominent.




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