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The agony of blogging
Not just currently, but frankly from the very dawn of SEO, blogs have been fabulous resources to attract search engines and then visitors, but when I mention the word ‘blogging’ to clients there’s the inevitable groan of anticipated agony.
Creating a blog article in WordOnce we get passed the normal objections including…

  • What can I possibly write about?
  • How frequently should I write a post?
  • etc

…then we bump into the crusty question of using online editors to create the precious posts. Yes even the WordPress editor is a little clunky, even strange, if you havent used online editors before.

Create and Publish from Word
Publish from Word rather than SavingI usually suggest creating the post in Word then copying and pasting the completed article into the WordPress editor to reduce agony, but it is also possible and even less agonising to create your blog posts in Microsoft Word then publish then directly into your WordPress blog.

You, like many people may not have noticed when creating a new document in Word the New Blog Post template icon, right next to the Blank Document icon.

Use this template to make writing posts a breeze; you get all the great capabilities Word offers to help you to productively create, format and spell your blog post.

Then there’s the moment of truth – how do I push or ‘publish’ my shiny new post into my blog? You will need to  ‘Register an Account’ which is simply entering your WordPress login details into Word as a once only activity. Got more than one blog ? No problem: ‘Register’ a second account then select this when publishing your posts.

Register WordPress in Word

Make sure you don’t remove /xmlrpc.php from the end of the Blog Post URL or it will all go pear shaped very quicky.

Check out this comprehensive article by Katherine Murray on Blogging with Word 2007 which explains how to deal with images, selecting categories etc  

Finally, don’t forget to have a look at our free Purposeful Blogging paper which will help you squeeze all of the SEO goodness you can from your blogging efforts. Yes it is from 2011, but curiously everything old is new again in SEO.

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