Batten down the hatches. Here comes Penguin 2.0

As outlined by Matt Cutts below, Google’s new Penguin release is about to gobble up any ‘spammy’ websites

The SEO industry is madly chattering about the impact because Matt is suggesting it will hit some sites hard.
It will be interesting to see what the impact is on Aussie websites…

SoapBox Moment:
While Google’s ongoing battle to remove of  ‘unworthy’ websites continues, I’m increasingly concerned that while this might be seen as an altruistic move by Google to purify the internet, in my experience their actions are driving more businesses to invest heavily in paid search as it is increasingly their only assured method of gaining online exposure. Note that paid search is Google’s primary income channel. Even if there is a connection here, however tenuous, who could stop Google from doing this… ?

As an aside, I wonder if Penguin 2.0 will now detect negative criticisms of Google here, and then promptly banish this website to obscurity ?

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