Bing is Siri’s search engine in iPhone IOS 7

Wow this is the most interesting bit of news I’ve heard in a while…

In the new  IOS 7 update for Apple iPhone/iPad Siri uses Bing as it’s search engine.
This is a mighty slap in the face for Google, a major coup for Bing and may signal the start of a new era…

Lets put this into context:

– Currently Google ‘owns’ internet search
– Apple ‘owns’ the mobile computing space (albeit tenuously with Android devices snapping at its heels)
– Mobile internet usage has exploded (so ‘owning’ mobile search is critical for Google ongoing domination)
– Apple has chosen to align with Microsoft’s Bing for its mobile searches (from Siri)

QED: Reduced exposure in mobile = weakened domination of internet search for Google

I cant imagine Google is going to relinquish its strangle-hold on search so easily so standby for the fireworks…

The side story is that astute clients are already expressing interest in their site’s Bing ranking.



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