Batten down the hatches. Here comes Penguin 2.0

As outlined by Matt Cutts below, Google’s new Penguin release is about to gobble up any ‘spammy’ websites

The SEO industry is madly chattering about the impact because Matt is suggesting it will hit some sites hard.
It will be interesting to see what the impact is on Aussie websites…

SoapBox Moment:
While Google’s ongoing battle to remove of  ‘unworthy’ websites continues, I’m increasingly concerned that while this might be seen as an altruistic move by Google to purify the internet, in my experience their actions are driving more businesses to invest heavily in paid search as it is increasingly their only assured method of gaining online exposure. Note that paid search is Google’s primary income channel. Even if there is a connection here, however tenuous, who could stop Google from doing this… ?

As an aside, I wonder if Penguin 2.0 will now detect negative criticisms of Google here, and then promptly banish this website to obscurity ?

Robots metatag can stop Google from showing you site

Jason asked:

Why is it when I search for my new site, even after months, Google has not picked it up
Any clues there?

A quick check on Jason’s site showed this coding in the home page:

<meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex,nofollow’ />

This is the robots metatag which instructs search engine’s robots or spiders how to interact with the site
In this case the tag is saying dont index the site (ie no index) and dont follow any links in this site (ie no follow)

In other words the robots tag is saying to Google and other search engines, please ignore this site; and that is exactly what Google has done.
Consequently the site does not appear in any Google search results.

As it happens this is a WordPress site, and the site’s visibility settings are configured to private which generates this robot metatag setting

To fix the issue:

  1. Login  into your WordPress site
  2. Go to Administration->Settings ->Reading
  3. Set the Site Visibility setting to Allow search engines to index this site

Recheck your home page source code and the robots metatag noindex and nofollow commands should be gone.

New Universal Analytics promises easier, diverse configuration

Analytics have released the new Universal Analytics into ‘public beta’
This new web data collection strategy promises to be more flexible and easier to do cool things (without having to resort to complex script)

I think the really interesting aspect is the Measurement Protocol which allows devices other than your website to send data to your Analytics account to gain broader insights into how your clients interact with your business systems as well as your website…

This might finally solve some of the gripes working with external booking systems etc

Im excited!


AdWords releases ‘Enhanced Campaigns’

Google is referring to their latest Adwords update as ‘Enhanced Campaigns’
If you access your AdWords campaign you will see that you can join now, but eventually will have no option:

enhanced campaign

A branded release

This is the first update that I can recall that is branded – it even has its own promotional campaign:


Targeting Refinements

The update claims to provide more granular targeting based on client devices with a heavy focus on mobile users (ie smart phones, tablets etc)
As a strategy its absolutely spot on; mobile web traffic is gaining more and more momentum. Sites that I monitor typically see over 20% of mobile visitors with B-B sites primarily iPad visitors,  and blowing out to over 50%+ in entertainment sites ( iPhones leading the race by a mile)

It will be interesting to see how ‘usable’ the AdWords update is….

New Succinct Ideas site

Welcome to the newly updated Succinct Ideas website

Just like the cobblers children’s shoes our poor website finally gets a refresh

My thanks to all who helped, but especially to Cathy & Tracy from OurBizniss for the quirky but highly communicative homepage slideshow

Renew your domain or face instant ranking outage

Renew your domain or face instant ranking outage

by PETE on OCTOBER 27, 2010

A client who failed to renew their domain registration has lost all Google ranking.

The renewal notice email from their domain registrar was apparently lost in the continual deluge of inbox spam; the Domain registrar decommissioned the domain when they had not received a renewal payment and the website simply disappeared off Google’s ‘radar’

This is not an uncommon issue as I described back in early 2008 in Website calamities – Where has my website gone?

The client first noticed they couldn’t receive emails, then with the help of their web dev realised their website had also disappeared, then horror of horror they had also lost their much loved #1 Google ranking for their target term.

Before Google Caffeine this probably would not have been so commercially severe. I recall several cases over the years where ranking had at worst a minor glitch after a website disappeared for a few days (always due to domain renewal oversights :)), but it seems now that the additional speed Caffeine has injected into Google that not only are website found faster so is removal removal from search results.

For those interested in operational details:

Google WebMasters Tools didn’t alert me although crawl errors do show “domain not found” on the fatal day. I was really disappointed by this as WMT has previously alerted me to more trivial activities; but this is critical and I would have valued an alert on this!

The site still appears in the site:<domain> search so its still in Google’s index. Rank Tracker shows the site as sitting consistently at Google #1 since late July then plummeting out of the first 100 within two days of the domain de-registration.

We are now 7 days past the domain outage and although the site is operational it is still not ranking at all…

Understandably the client is not happy as this ranking outage a significant commercial impact.

Fortunately their forward thinking Internet Marketer has more than one site ranking for their target terms  ?  So it appears that having more than one appearance in target search results is not only a great way to increase traffic, but is also a great contingency in ranking outages too!



  • This post originally featured in The Internet Marketer