AMP’ing up Website Speed for Mobiles

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an initiative to improve page load times for mobile devices.

What is AMP ?

AMP aims to strip away some of the coding complexities – especially JavaScript – that have evolved to provide sophisticated web page functionality to provide leaner HTML which loads much quicker.  The project is a work in progress, and yet to finalise how it will address a full range of current website functions such as eCommerce etc.

Page Load Speeds and Google ranking

Page load times are a key requirement on mobile devices where connection speeds vary with access to signal.  Page load speed is also a Google ranking factor.

It seems inevitable that Google – one of the AMP initiative partners – will provide ranking preference to AMP compliant pages either on the basis of:

  • detection of AMP compliant coding or
  • the improved page load speed afforded by AMP compliance

What does AMP mean for your business?

So as a business owner interested in attracting mobile visitors, the evolvement of AMP is something you and your web developer should keep a very close eye on. Early AMP adopters are likely to gain Google ranking advantages which will translate into business opportunities.

AMP Compliance Frenzy?

After the recent panic to ensure websites were ‘Mobile Compliant’ for Google’s underwhelming Mobilegeddon release in April, I can see there will be another round of web development frenzy to make sites AMP compliant to maintain or improve online commercial traction.

AMP Deployment Timing

The AMP project is clearly still evolving but there is already a Javascript replacement so I assume (somewhat naively perhaps) that simple (ie non-ecommerce) sites can be recoded to take advantage of the AMP project.

AMP and WordPress

WordPress, the world’s most popular website system have announced they are supporting AMP. If AMP can be easily deployed in WordPress it will significantly strengthen WordPress’ CMS domination.


Google is crushing Keyword Networks with Doorway Page Update

SEO Doorway is now shutJust to keep you on your toes while you are sorting out Google’s upcoming Mobile Usability update, they’ve also announced an impending update to target ‘Doorway pages‘ – Its been a busy month at Google that’s for sure!

Doorway Pages/Site is an ageing SEO strategy where your site was at the centre of a network of keyword focussed websites each feeding visitors for a particular search term into the central ‘mothership’ site.  Worked a treat in its day, but apparently not for much longer…

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SEO vs SEM Budgets

My candidate for Thought of the Week is this quote from Warren Lee in his post on SEO Strategies in 2014

Prioritizing SEO & Paid Search Integration

It never ceases to fascinate me that, in general, although organic marketing drives 90% of traffic and paid efforts drive less than 10%, no matter where you go, organic marketing remains heavily under-invested compared with paid marketing activities.

No comment needed from me…