What legals do you need on your website?

Are you uncertain about what ‘legals’ you should provide in your website ?

  • Do you need Terms and Conditions ?
  • Should your website have a Privacy Statement?

A number of people have asked these questions, and although we are not able to provide legal advise, you may find this infographic from Legal123.com.au helpful:

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What Legals Do I Need for My Website
Source: What Legals Do I Need for My Website? from Legal123.com.au

If you are still uncertain about what legals you should have on your website, we recommend you speak to your lawyer or Legal 123 who specialise in this area. Once you do know, get back in touch with us because we can offer some great deals on Website Legals including Website Disclaimer, Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.

Is your Website ready for the new Australian Privacy Principals ?

From March 12 2104 the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) will replace the previous legislated privacy requirements, and we encourage you to review the changes that may affect your website. According to Legal123 the new Australian Privacy Principals are becoming stronger with more restrictions and prescriptions for business.

Be aware this is not the usual yadda yadda with no consequences, as Legal 123 warns, …the Australian regulators have commenced reviewing websites and have been issuing penalties for non-compliant websites. Read more.

Changes include:

  • Your Privacy Policy must include your contact details, so customers/visitors can contact you to find out more and/or complain
  • You must notify customers/visitors whether you disclose personal information to overseas organisations
  • If you collect “sensitive” personal information you must get active agreement from the customer
  • If you collect information that is not directly related to your business you must notify the customer/visitor and obtain their permission
  • If you use customer information to direct market you must notify the customer and allow them to ‘opt out’ easily
  • You must ensure personal information you have is accurate and up-to-date and protected from mis-use or accidental disclosure, and
  • If asked, you must give customers/visitors access to their information within a reasonable period of time.

Read more here about APP at the Office of Australian Information Commissioner

European Privacy Requirements
Does your website’s target market include 
European countries (including the UK) ?
If so, you should take steps to ensure your website is compliant with the tougher European privacy requirements
Your site is required to provide ‘active’ 
notification to visitors if it is using cookies.

Succinct Ideas can source and install an Online Business Package that contains website documents:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Website Disclaimer
  • Terms and Conditions

The package also includes a complimentary disclaimer for you to use with your emails.

Read more or contact us to discuss your requirements.