Does ‘Buy Now’ put off some clients?

Does your shop actively ask or encourage prospective customers to buy quickly maybe even before they are truly ready? Is an in-store prospect (or you may prefer, visitor or browser) the same as an online one?
 Behavioural economist Bri Williams has written a short piece that may cause you to re-think about urging people to buy too soon, just as relevant online as it is offline.  The example she uses of a prominent online bicycle store and “buy now” is relevant to other categories too. Read article in full
 From my experience sales do not flow from over-use of the “buy now” button, indeed, it may not assist the retailer’s cause.  It reminds us all of the importance of understanding the consumer, their needs, preferences and preferred processes, sadly something not all retailers do or do well.
Hope the article is useful. Please pass to anyone you think may benefit.

Regards,John Goslino
Principal Consultant
Audience Dialogue & The E-Business Activators
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