Hacked website? Don't wait for it to happen to you!Your website represents your business online.
It might even find sales leads for you too.

But if an internet vandal hacks into your site this all stops.

  • You look unprofessional.
  • Your clients can’t contact you.
  • Prospects get frightened away.
  • Google won’t like your site either.

Website hacking is rife and we should know. Succinct Ideas are the go-to-people for businesses who have had their WordPress sites hacked.

That’s why we launched Website Concierge Services:

  • We provide high performance web hosting (Google likes fast websites)
  • We improve your website’s hack-resistance  (Google doesn’t like hacked websites)
  • We regularly inspect and update your website’s software to keep it operating reliably
  • We track and report your website’s performance and availability
  • We even provide minor content updates for you

We have packages to suit every budget…

Call or email to discuss how we can help improve your website’s hacker immunity.
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