Don’t loose your Google Places account

Google Places Changes
Google Places is changing again, and it looks to be for the better. Places for Business has changed dramatically both on the front end (the public facing bit) and the backend (where you make edits to your business’ details).

Email Alerts
Importantly, Google Places are also cleaning up irreverent, redundant and spammy Google Places – about time!
They are sending emails out to any Google Places records they suspect fall into these categories, asking for action from the registered ‘owner’. Check your emails for the subject Important changes to your Google Places account and I suggest act promptly to avoid loosing that important Google Places registration. While you are there, update your business details to make sure the it reflects how you want your business to be seen online page.

Google Places

Do this by searching for your business name then click on the Places ICON

I’d also strongly recommend you don’t cross any of the Google Places Quality Guidelines because Google have definitely moved from the carrot to the stick approach in other areas, so I’m sure it would also apply here…




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