European Courts take on Google re Privacy… Again.

The European Courts have taken on Google once again on the issue of privacy, this time on removing historical content if requested.While Europe does have its quirks – Eurovision a case in point 😉 – I have to admire their commitment to standing up global organisations like Google on behalf of their residents.

Even so, I’m a little confused about why Google became involved.
The case started with an unfortunate Spanish man who was trying to eradicate a 16-year-old newspaper article reporting his real estate debt, but the newspaper refused to remove the content.

Google does provide content removal in WebMasters Tools which would enable the newspaper from to remove the unwanted pages from Google, so I think it was the newspaper who was at fault, not Google ? Maybe they didn’t realise they could remove content, or maybe it’s just another European quirk…

Either way hats off to the European Courts for continuing to supporting their people!
Here’s how Bloomberg reports the issue:

Search Engine Land mentions the new Californian ‘eraser law‘, allowing individuals to have their “youthful indiscretions” (occurring before age 18) deleted or removed from the internet.

It sounds like an emerging online privacy revolution and that’s not a bad thing at all!
Ahhh wouldn’t it be great if we had a Government that wasn’t afraid of taking on multinationals to defend its people.
Imagine what more Australia could achieve…

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