Your site may be penalised by Google’s Penguin 5 if it calculates that your site has Low quality backlinks 

Recovering from Low Quality Backlinks 
If Google determines your site has a significant number of unnatural backlinks it may be at risk of a ranking or even a manual penalty.

Unfortunately backlinks seem to be more typical cause of a Penguin 5 penalty. Read more.  To recover from or prevent a future Penguin 5 penalty, arrange to have the low quality backlinks removed or converted to no follow links ASAP.

Unfortunately this is not as easy as it sounds as the link(s) that need to be removed or reprogrammed are at the originating website, not yours so you need to convince that person to take action on your behalf.  Further, many website owners are just not aware of the risk they are exposing your site/business to and probably all of their other clients as well!

If all else fails then you can request Google ignore or disavow your unnatural links via your Google WebMasters Tools interface.

If all else fails contact us and we can facilitate the removal or disavow of unnatural links from your site.


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