Goodbye Google Keyword Tool

Sadly Google has decommissioned our old friend the Keyword Tool and replaced it with the more AdWords focused Keyword Planner.
– after all Google wants you to use the data for your AdWords campaigns !

After a quick look around the Keyword Planner offers much the same info, although it does use exact form keywords rather than the vastly inaccurate broad form and the searches over time charts look nice. There’s more details about the differences between the two here

The Keyword Tool has been around for years: I even dipped into the murky depths of old The Internet Marketer posts to try and find out when I started using it -about 2007 I think.

Before Google introduced the Keyword Tool ( in the SEO equivalent of the Jurassic Period) it cost serious money to get quality keyword data.  Back then WordStream (now with a fabulous Adwords tuning system) were the goto people for keyword research data, but unfortunately Australian-only data wasn’t available.

Time marches on and things change, but I shed a sentimental tear for the passing of the Keyword Tool.

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