Are Google softening their approach to Small Business or just taking over?

Google’s Matt Cutts has indicated that an upcoming release of Panda (Google’s website ‘Quality Assessment’ sub system) “should have a direct impact on helping small businesses do better.”

Historically Panda has been heavily critised for giving an unfair advantage to larger sites – read larger businesses. Small sites (typically associated with smaller businesses) may have a greater risk of incurring Panda penalties and there have been some spectacular examples.
Saving Small Business presents a passionate argument on this matter.

As a small business owner myself, of course I’m happy to gain from arbitrary changes Google might make. But on reflection it does bring into question the dangerous amount of influence that Google now has over global online sales. An arbitrary change on which sites Google ranks at the top of searches can dramatically impact business globally. Even locally in little old Adelaide I am aware of several local businesses that have suffered devastating commercial impacts by Google’s algorithm changes.

So Google might be softening their approach to Small Business, but who gave them the authority to make that call on behalf of the global economy ?
It’s time that Google’s algorithms are independantly policed before this gets out of control…


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