Google Trends – Much more than a toy

Several years ago the Succinct Ideas site featured a ‘Rising Searches in Adelaide’ display produced from data  extracted from Google Trends. It was quirky, heavily influenced by ‘social’ searches and popular press but never-the-less still interesting. It was like a real-time poll on what the Adelaide community was interested in that week

Then Trends ‘transformed’ into ‘Google Insight for Search’ (in Aug 2008), and I abandoned the display. But now its called Trends again… (Every thing old is new again) so its only right that I display this fascinating information again.

Trends is an interesting reporting/research tool can be used for much more meaningful purposes that this trite display.
In the past I’ve used Google Trends to help businesses research emerging demand for products and services and regional areas of interest etc.

Here’s an example based on searches in South Australia since 2004 for Home Finance
The decreasing search volumes over time is telling, especially if you consider that there are more people searching than ever.
A bit more research would reveal if this trend is attributable to folks using different search terms, or simply a drop in demand.

Home Finance Searches in South Australia since 2004

Home Finance Searches in South Australia since 2004

If it is a drop in demand it might explain why the banks have to try harder to sell us home finance 😉
It’s likely that searchers are using more diverse search terms now which seems to be an over-all trend in searching.

Regional Interest shows Perth at the top of the home finance list – no surprises really.
Buoyed by its strong mining-based economy which pays people handsomely, and so cashed up they are looking to invest in bricks and mortar.

Trends - Regional Interest for home finance

Regional Interest for home finance searches

Related Searches provides insight into other terms that folks are searching along with ‘Rising Terms’ or searches that are trending popularly .
Clearly Aussie Home Loans’ TV advertising is having an impact, and it seems car financiers and Finance brokers could be rubbing their hands together with glee at increasing interest in their respective markets.

Google Trends Related Searches

Google Trends Related Searches


So enjoy the little widget in our site displaying top searches by South Aussies for the last 7 days, but if you are looking to assess a marketplace through searches maybe we can help you with some Trends Reporting to help make informed business decisions.




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