AdWords releases ‘Enhanced Campaigns’

Google is referring to their latest Adwords update as ‘Enhanced Campaigns’
If you access your AdWords campaign you will see that you can join now, but eventually will have no option:

enhanced campaign

A branded release

This is the first update that I can recall that is branded – it even has its own promotional campaign:


Targeting Refinements

The update claims to provide more granular targeting based on client devices with a heavy focus on mobile users (ie smart phones, tablets etc)
As a strategy its absolutely spot on; mobile web traffic is gaining more and more momentum. Sites that I monitor typically see over 20% of mobile visitors with B-B sites primarily iPad visitors,  and blowing out to over 50%+ in entertainment sites ( iPhones leading the race by a mile)

It will be interesting to see how ‘usable’ the AdWords update is….

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