Hackers damage your Business, not just your IT

Not actively maintaining your WordPress site? That lackadaisical approach may have lead to the Mossack Fonsec breach.
What damage could a hacking incident could bring to your business…?

The devastating impact of an un-maintained WordPress site.

The widely publicized Mossack Fonsec data breach has exposed sensitive information for high profile clients with catastrophic consequences for Mossack Fonsec and their clients.

WordFence’s investigation of this high profile hacking has identified an ‘innocent’ out of date WordPress slideshow plugin was the point of entry (ie the ‘exploit’) hackers used to gain access to Mossack Fonsec’s computer system. From here the hackers also hacked into the organisation’s email server and so to 4.8 Million emails.

Hackers are everywhere!

Closer to home, this week my PC’s personal firewall alert ‘lit up’ when reviewing a website. It turns out that a ‘Mass Injection’ ‘trojan’ in another website linked to the site I was reviewing tried to compromise my PC.  Wow! I didn’t even visit the remote site and it was attacking my PC!  Thankfully I had a good personal firewall installed. The client representative didn’t…

Is a hacked website a business priority?

I immediately advised the client representative, but got a rather complacent response to my recommendation to immediately shutdown their website.

I was concerned about protect other website visitors from potentially having their PCs hacked, and also protecting the client’s liability in case this happened. Prospective clients visiting your website might remember your business if you crash their PCs, but will they do business with you anyway? – Maybe not…

Hackers damage your business, not just your IT

With hack attacks on the increase including ‘ransomware’ – where you have to pay to unlock your hacked computers or file servers – now is the time to take action to review your business exposure, should you loose your computer systems, file and email server or even your website.

Hack attacks create business liabilities

Consider your liability should your computer systems or website spread virus/trojans.  Infecting your client’s computer network may not be good for the ongoing business relationship… You could even end up in a litigious situation.

WebSite Concierge Services

Succinct Ideas provides high performance, ‘hack hardened’ website hosting and website maintenance services to help avoid embarrassing and potentially commercially disastrous situations like Mossack Fonsec data breach.
Contact me to find out more.

A soapbox moment

Wouldn’t it be nice to have so much income that I’d consider offshore tax ‘shelters’… Hmm. If Ive got that much money do I have to rip off the tax system to get even more?

Robin Hood Hackers ?

Most hackers or hack attempts seem to be digital vandals. But then this hack target are tax cheats… Who is doing wrong? Maybe there’s a well-meaning ‘Robin Hood’ hacker out there exposing unjust activities. If there are, they are certainly the minority amongst hackers.

What are governments doing ?

Its notable that Mossack Fonsec’s tax evasion strategies operate globally and it seems their business model was known to governments and tax enforcement agencies around the world. Immoral but legal…

If the same level of zeal was applied in policing these schemes as is used in scrutinising small business and individuals, wouldn’t the tax burden surely be eased for everybody? I was stunned to see recently circulated data on how little (some) corporations contribute to the local tax…

Wouldn’t the increase in tax funds from solving this issue take pressure off our political masters? Couldn’t they then concentrate on ‘real issues’ rather than the ongoing political pantomimes about finding budget for essential services?

It seems I’m just another dumb small business owner and don’t understand…

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