This page is our terms and conditions of sale, current as of: July 31  2014.

  1. This is the current version

    These terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions supplied or available from this page. We encourage you to revisit this page from time to time to ensure you are familiar with our current terms and conditions of sale.

  2. Plain Speak

    We have attempted to use plain language to make our terms and conditions of sale understandable to all. If you require any clarification about our terms and conditions we invite you to contact us to discuss any concerns you might have.

  3. Payment

    1. Succinct Ideas payment terms are 7 days from day of invoice
      If you don’t pay your bill, we’ll stop working on your project, and may shut down the website or services provided until payment in full is received.
    2. All pricing is excluding GST unless otherwise noted.
    3. Our proposals remain valid for 30 days from date of issue
    4. Monthly invoicing
      1. We can extrapolate invoices over the project period ( eg invoice monthly) but only by prior arrangement
      2. There may be a surcharge for extrapolated invoicing
  4. Performance guarantees

    1. We are committed to deliver the best possible results for our clients, however, Succinct Ideas does not provide performance guarantees in our standard products, including but not limited to:
      1. Search engine rankings
      2. Number or quality of site visits
      3. Volume of Sales, Sales leads or Sales transactions
  5. Infrastructure

    1. We may commission infrastructure such as web sites, blogs, web 2.0, Social Media web sites, custom software and other online resources to achieve the desired outcome for our clients. Any infrastructure acquired or established by Succinct Ideas remains Succinct Ideas property unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  6. Rank Penalties

    1. Search rankings, particularly Google rankings are increasingly impacted negatively by:
      1. Poor Content Quality including
        1. Duplicated or spammy content
        2. Defective website coding
        3. Other factors related to content quality as announced by Google from time to time
      2. Website performance
        1. Typically slow page load performance
      3. Spammy Backlinks
        1. Backlinks from low quality sources
        2. Backlinks from paid advertising (without ‘no-follow’ tagging)
      4. Malware, Trojans or other invasive software secreted in your website

      Succinct Ideas will advise if in our opinion a penalty is impacting your website’s search performance, and while we will endeavour to resolve penalty related issues, we are not liable for the rectification of these issues.

  7. Search engine Algorithm Updates

    1. Google and other search engines change their ranking strategies without notice, and these may have a negative impact on your website’s exposure.
      Succinct Ideas is not liable for reduced ranking, traffic or exposure of your website arising from search engines changes.
  8. Ongoing exposure

    1. Results we achieve for clients often naturally dissipate over time, which is quite normal, particularly in more competitive online markets.
      For sustained online exposure we suggest a continuing SEO program.
  9. Website access

    1. We may need to modify pages and/or components in your website to effectively deliver our services. To do this we will require :
      1.  File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or CPanel access to your website and/or
      2. Access to your site’s Content Management System (CMS)
        1. If your site is contained in a Content Management System (CMS) we will require a sign-in to the website’s administration area
        2. If the CMS does not already have the necessary capabilities to undertake the services for which we are engaged it may be necessary to have your web developer install these.
      3. We require access or the ability to edit for all pages in the site:
        1. Install page tracking script
        2. Install custom meta tag(s)
        3. Add files to the website’s root
        4. Manage redirections from other pages, including non-existent pages from a previous website configuration
        5. Individually define the page Title and Description meta tags
        6. Define a heading in HTML H1 formatted text
        7. Edit and re-format text as required
        8. Re-locate elements within the page
  10. Website Support

    1. We may require technical or design assistance from your web developer/designer.
      Our quotations do not include costs for:
      1. Your web developer/designer / marketer’s assistance
      2. Sourcing, installation and configuration of additional website components, plug ins or pages that may be required
      3. Production and installation of additional art work