Mobile Advertising is ramping up

Mobile advertising is increasing at a blinding rate, reflecting the dramatic increase in use of mobile internet devices to research and buy online.  eMarketer’s report says mobile advertising will be around $17.73 billion in 2014  so we should be considering how to leverage this massively increasing market going forward.

Yes the advertising spend is enormous, and notably Google is loosing marketing share (although not revenues as Greg Sterling adeptly points outs) because:

Google rules the desktop
On the desktop Google is the gate-keeper between you and the info you seek. If you want to find something you use a search engine, and most people use Google.

Apps rules mobiles
On a mobile, info is directly delivered to you typically by apps, effectively bypassing Google.

Advertising on  mobiles

So how do you get your advertising message onto mobile devices? App embedded Google AdWords of course!
The advertising that free apps usually display is often sourced from Google Adwords via its Display Network

As an advertiser the same rules apply: you can target adverts by geographical regions, demographics etc but they are mainly image ads.
The click prices on mobiles are currently slightly lower than Desktops – although Im sure that will change with increasing competition. 😉

Your next sales lead could come from a prospect who was using a mobile app and saw your ad, rather than a Google search…

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