Online Action WorkshopsAre you eligible for sponsorship for Online Action Workshops?

Adelaide Business HubOur Online Actions Workshops are sponsored by the Federal Government under the Australian Small Business Advisory Service and by arrangement with Adelaide Business Hub. You only pay  $55 for an Online Action Workshop if you satisfy this criteria:

  • You
    You are a small business owner or decision making manager of firms employing less than 20 people
  • Business Location
    Your business is located in one of these Council Districts

    • City of Port Adelaide Enfield
    • City of Adelaide
    • City of West Torrens
    • City of Charles Sturt
    • City of Marion
  • Your business:
    • Has up to 20 full time equivalent employees or
    • Not yet established i.e. you are a ‘Business intender’ preferably with an ABN
    • Is not an Incorporated Association, or a subsidiary company
  • Application form
    Your booking can only be confirmed after you:

  • Business assessment
    You complete a simple Business diagnostic
    * This information is non-identifying and used for program statistics
    Read more information here
    You will receive an emailed Analysis of your diagnostic to assist you with your business’ growth
  • Feedback form
    You submit a completed Feedback Form at the end of the session

Other conditions

One sponsorship per person per business
The sponsorship only applies

  • to only one attendee from your business to attend and
  • only for one Online Action Workshop per business