What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is the discipline of connecting a business with their prospective clients using the online medium.
Principally this involves

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and
  • Online Advertising – known in the industry as Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is the process of making a website appear in Google searches. To achieve the Google ranking, the internet marketer undergoes a series actions:

1. SEO: Eliminate Google ‘issues’

Google claims over 200 factors influence the rank results for one of their searches. Google wants their users (ie people using Google) to have a good end user experience. If you site doesn’t give users this, it will not appear in searches as much as a site that does.

Google issue example – Mobile ranking

Mobile ranking is a recent example of this. Google will ‘de-rank’ a site in searches on a mobile phone if that sites isn’t ‘mobile friendly’.
Google ‘mobile usability tests‘ can be used to determine if a site is mobile friendly or not. If pages in your site fails Google ‘mobile usability assessment’ they are likely to rank less than otherwise.

2: SEO: Find your targeting keywords

This discovery process lets you find out what words your clients are using when they are searching for your products and services. Fortunately Google provides access to this information with it’s Keyword Planner tool. Here’s a simple guide for using this tool and a strategy document to help you find the best keywords.

3: SEO : Targeting your website

Targeting your site ensures Google will use it in for the searches that you now know are used by prospective clients. This process involves integrating your target keywords into the website using strategies covered in this keyword white paper.


Online Advertising

Online advertising in Adelaide has evolved from simple Adwords campaigns to sophisticated multi-channel online marketing

Google Adwords

Adwords has evolved from simple search based campaigns to now offering

Display Network advertising – image, animation and video advertising across a diverse range of on-topic websites

Remarketing – Show ads to recent website visitors to remind them of your brand or offer


Facebook has now joined the online advertising fray with a model that is rapidly maturing. Facebook can tightly target ads using profile data.


A recent entrant into online advertising, LinkedIn advertising has the ability to highly targeted business professionals



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