Penguin 5 is hurting more sites than you might think

Based on the number of phone calls I’ve had recently from disgruntled website owners looking to find an alternative SEO provider following their recent rank crash, its clear to me that Penguin 5 has affected many more websites than the 1% that Google is coyly suggesting…

..and of course there is rampant speculation, rumor and scuttlebutt on what is causing ranking penalties. There’s a lot of opinions out there (seems like everybody has become a link spam expert) but until we get through the Penguin 5 recovery cycle no-one can say with any degree of confidence how they recovered and how long it took.

The closest I’ve seen is Tony McCreath’s article on how he recovered from an earlier Penguin penalty then sailed, even benefited, after the Penguin 5 (2.1 in the old money)  update – well done Tony!




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  1. Tony McCreath
    Tony McCreath says:

    Cheers Peter,

    It also looks like the recovery has stuck (fingers crossed). January beat my best ever pre-penguin month by 26% 🙂


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