Project Zero launched to help make a safer internet

Website malware distribution

Source: Google Security

Does your website have some protection against hackers or is it a sitting duck?
Just so we all understand how caustic is the internet can be, especially for unprotected websites, be aware of that:

Google has 12 to 14 million search queries per day with warnings flagging
that one of the websites in the search results were compromised.

To Google’s credit they have announced the launch of Project Zero  – a research commitment to find, investigate and report vulnerabilities etc. ultimately make the internet a safer environment.

I was surprised to see this chart in Barry Swart’s article showing the dramatic increase in ‘attack websites’ ie sites with nasty software that try to load malware onto your system when you visit them.  I imagine that many of these sites have been quietly infected with the owners blissfully unaware that their visitors (ie prospective clients) are at risk of being attacked by the website.

Its a bit like standing at the door of your showroom with a loaded shotgun… Do you think you might scare off a few prospective clients ?

Typically website owners don’t even know that their website has been hacked until either:


  • Google puts up a search result warning or
  • A client complains that their firewall software wont let them visit the site

Sadly often I’ve had to resort to restoring the website from a backup to remove a hack and get the site operational again, so make sure your website is backed up regularly too, otherwise no-one will be able to resource your site.

Succinct Ideas also offers ‘hacker resistant’ hosting and regular backups under our Website Concierge brand principally for WordPress sites – because they are most at risk.

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