Internet Marketing


Internet marketing is a discipline of marketing that deals exclusively with the online community of sales prospects.


Buying online is a paradigm shift from in-store purchasing – but you probably already know that.
Its not as a easy as bundling your showroom into a web site and off you go. Nothing like that at all. But that’s where we can help you.

The internet enables people to easily to find out who is offering the products they are interested in. Comparing prices is a cinch – Google even helps them do that. Its also easy to see other customer’s experiences with product and supplier reviews.

This is completely different than a showroom situation where you can respond to sales exceptions; explain why your business is a better choice your them than the guys up the road and offer a deal to close the sale.

Internet marketing – Converting Prospects into Sales

Internet marketing strategies also aid in converting website visitors into sales leads or online sales transactions.

In Adelaide this is especially important as our city has a lower population than many other centres. Adelaide’s smaller market means there is less opportunity for small business, so we all need to strive harder to get sales. Getting sales and sales lead from the internet is much easier and certainly less expensive than the alternatives.


Be-found-online-colouredOnline marketing is completely different than off-line

Finding sales leads online is different from the in-store experience. In a way it’s a lot easier – if you know how.
People arent likely to be idly ‘walking by’ and bump into your website. Internet marketing to find sales prospects is far more deterministic.

Online Marketing Research

We find out what people are usually doing and looking for when they are looking online for your products.
They might be searching in Google and often using specific phrases – We call these ‘keywords’.
They might be checking out review websites – in forums asking questions…
We find out your clients typical characteristics

  • Do they live in the Adelaide area?
  • Are they a particular age group ?
  • Is one gender the more frequent purchaser?
  • Are your products priced at a premium or cost-effectively?
  • etc

Targeted Online Marketing

Armed with client information, we can now track down where they are likely to be in the internet.
We then show your sales offer where we know they will be.
We’re fishing where we know the right fish will be.


There are a number of  internet ‘channels’ we can use to find your clients online:


Google is the heavy weight for purchase-decision research. If your website doesn’t appear in Google for typical searches, prospects won’t know you exist.

A website with good performing organic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will typically have 70+% of its traffic coming from Google searches alone.

Not only are Google organic searches free, but they are also the best converting traffic source to websites.
Thats a compelling reason for your website to have healthy SEO.

Online Advertising

Once again Google is the heavyweight in online advertising with their Google Ads pay per click advertising system. Google Ads allows you to get near-instant online exposure for important search terms.

Google Ads also provides website banner advertising (Google calls it Display Network Advertising)
These ads can be targeted to sites where your clients are most likely to visit.

Remarketing is another Google Ads feature which displays your ads in the Display Network to people who have recently visited your site, reminding them about your products and services.

Social Media



Astute internet marketing channel choices can make all the difference in your sales outcomes, so it’s very important to have expertise across all channels when developing an internet marketing strategy thats going to work for you and your business

Unfortunately this is where many online campaign failures happen. Some online marketing service providers choose to specialise on just one channel such as only provide SEO Services or just AdWords advertising or solely Social Media.

The unfortunate consequence of single service internet marketers is that your online campaign won’t be as effective. The need for tight coordination and single purpose focus is lost. The other issue is that a one channel specialist sees all solutions in term sof that channel.

Succinct Ideas develops and deliver balanced internet marketing programs for our clients based on their needs. Our ability to deliver on all internet marketing channels means your online marketing campaign won’t be compromised by an inability to support the breadth of online channels.