Organic Search

Search Engine Optimisation or ‘SEO’ is activity to show your website in search results. There is a perception that SEO is deeply complex.  That’s not true. In concept, SEO is quite simple:

Google Rules

Google is the dominant search engine, so SEO is really just about making Google ‘happy’ with your website.

What does Google want?

Good quality content that visitors find engaging. Google doesn’t like technical defects or slow websites, and definitely not websites that try to cheat. Generally a healthy website will improve in rank and number

How does Google Work ?

You might use Google regularly, but few people understand how this amazing system works. This video from Google is a great introduction to how Google works and some basic Search Engine Optimisation concepts.

How Google works

Other Search Results

The classic organic search result is displayed along with other elements. Some of these may be additional chances to get in front of potential customers:

  • Google Business Profile: Businesses near by
  • Google Merchant: Products for sale.
  • Rich Snippets: Information shown in search results e.g.
    • Author details: Website/blog author Image
    • Review details: Reviewers summary

We work with our clients to identify the best search elements for their business, then arrange for these to be seen by potential customers when searching in Google.