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‘Publicize’ is a component in the Jetpack ‘plugin’ for WordPress that re-publishes your blog posts into various Social Media channels including Google+, FaceBook, LinkedIn Twitter etc. It happens automatically and painlessly.  This is a great productivity tool for busy small business owners who want to stay on top of their social media & blogging commitments

I’ve been using Publicize in my site for a while, and it works quite reliably, so I thought it might be useful in your site too.

Jetpack Publicize Configuration


Installing the host plugin, Jetpack is relatively simple following these instructions
Once Jetpack is installed you’ll need to connect it with your ID
– Dont have one? Go here and make one.

Commissioning Publicize

From the dashboard go to Jetpack | Jetpack and click on the Publize Configure button
This displays all of the Social Media channels you can connect your blogs to, and connect buttons for each. Select your chosen channel click the Connect button and follow the bouncing ball to authorise your blog to connect to the service.
The authorisation process requires you be signed in simultaneously to your blog, have Jetpack connected via your WordPress ID and the individual social media services for configuration. It sounds over-whelming, but once you’re through it once its easy.
Then publicize pushes out the content automatically when you publish a new post.
If you run into issues let me know and Ill see what I can do to help.
For background and help on configuring your social media connections refer:

Publicize Tips and Tricks

Publicize wont re-push a previously published post
I assume this is to stop you from spamming by preventing your from re-publishing the same post over and over to your social channels.

Universal fix
It seem the universal fix for a Publicize issue is to refresh the connection to the social channel

Connection timeouts
I notice that from time to time you’re asked to ‘refresh the connection’ to your Social Channels.
Another spam preventative strategy maybe ?





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