Renew your domain or face instant ranking outage

Renew your domain or face instant ranking outage

by PETE on OCTOBER 27, 2010

A client who failed to renew their domain registration has lost all Google ranking.

The renewal notice email from their domain registrar was apparently lost in the continual deluge of inbox spam; the Domain registrar decommissioned the domain when they had not received a renewal payment and the website simply disappeared off Google’s ‘radar’

This is not an uncommon issue as I described back in early 2008 in Website calamities – Where has my website gone?

The client first noticed they couldn’t receive emails, then with the help of their web dev realised their website had also disappeared, then horror of horror they had also lost their much loved #1 Google ranking for their target term.

Before Google Caffeine this probably would not have been so commercially severe. I recall several cases over the years where ranking had at worst a minor glitch after a website disappeared for a few days (always due to domain renewal oversights :)), but it seems now that the additional speed Caffeine has injected into Google that not only are website found faster so is removal removal from search results.

For those interested in operational details:

Google WebMasters Tools didn’t alert me although crawl errors do show “domain not found” on the fatal day. I was really disappointed by this as WMT has previously alerted me to more trivial activities; but this is critical and I would have valued an alert on this!

The site still appears in the site:<domain> search so its still in Google’s index. Rank Tracker shows the site as sitting consistently at Google #1 since late July then plummeting out of the first 100 within two days of the domain de-registration.

We are now 7 days past the domain outage and although the site is operational it is still not ranking at all…

Understandably the client is not happy as this ranking outage a significant commercial impact.

Fortunately their forward thinking Internet Marketer has more than one site ranking for their target terms  ?  So it appears that having more than one appearance in target search results is not only a great way to increase traffic, but is also a great contingency in ranking outages too!



  • This post originally featured in The Internet Marketer
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