Please feel free to download and read these documents I’ve written on various online marketing subject including:

Purposeful Blogging

Blogging is a critical element in modern SEO. Updated from the original from Jan 2011, this latest version includes important updates on contemporary Google and WordPress capabilities. It is designed to help businesses get value from their investment in blogging:

Save $$$ on Click Advertising

Don’t waste your investment in your AdWords PPC campaign. Chances are that you can do more with less if you know how…

The Five Steps to a more Successful Website

A series of five articles providing practical information about how to make your website more successful. Inexplicably there are only three of them to date…

Is your Content Management System SEO friendly ?

Thankfully most contemporary Content Management Systems (CMS) provide the ability to SEO fine tune a website.
If you arent sure, checkout this guide:

How to use the Google Keyword Planner

Identifying ‘target keywords’ is the definitive starting point for all SEO activities.
Google provides the Keyword Planner which is an excellent resource for starting the journey: