find-out-more-colouredSEO Review Wizard

Our simple SEO Review Wizard will lead you through a series of simple SEO assessment steps of your website. Even though its relatively basic, many businesses will improve their website’s SEO effectiveness by following this wizard carefully.

Improving your site’s SEO

We don’t guarantee that your website will suddenly rank #1 if you follow our SEO Review Wizard, in fact we don’t provide that type of guarantee for clients in an engagement – that’s because nobody can guarantee what Google is going to do with a site now, or next week, next month or in a year…

Nevertheless our SEO Review Wizard is a great place for you to start and understand how your website is currently performing. If fact that how we start out on a SEO program for our clients. We conduct an SEO Review or SEO audit to find out how the site is currently travelling Google-wise.

Start here.

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Next steps ?

A couple of excellent automated SEO assessment tools you might also like to try are:

This tool scans  and assesses a number of SEO impacting factors, and presents them in a simple well explained format.
while I have a subscription I use to manage projects, you can use much of the SEO analysis functionality without having to pay.
Give woorank a whirl at: is one of my favourite internet marketing toolsets.
Not only does it give traffic and keyword profiles going back up to 2 years for your website, it also tells you the serach terms it noticed your website ranking at #20 or better. I’ve you’re running an Adwords pay per click campaign SEMRUsh provides a high level overview. Finally SEMRush also identifies your online competitors to provide a competition comparison view…