Does Google know about your site?

Try this simple test to find out if Google knows about your site:

1. Go to Google (Which Google should I target ?)

2. Search for your website’s address as illustrated below:

Search for your own web address

Search for your own web address

3. Check if your website is featured in the search results

Results & interpretation

Google will either:

List your site
List pages from your site indicating Google already knows of your website.
Excellent! – Let’s move onto the next step

Your search – <Your URL> – did not match any documents.

Why have we done this ?

We have used Google to search for your web address or URL which is a simple check to find out if Google has previously visited your site. If your site hasn’t been indexed by Google (ie it is ‘unknown to Google’) then it wont appear in Google search results. Period.
Google and other search engines can’t spontaneously find your site; they have to be introduced to it intially.

What does this mean ?

Houston we have a problem! If Google doesn’t know about your website then its invisible to search.
Prospective clients will never find your site unless they already know your website address.
This is bad, and only about 1 in 30 sites I work on have this issue.

What can I do about this?

You should end the Wizard now; sob in despair (just briefly), then have one of our experts fix it for you
If you are a DIY’er then try one of these:

  • Register it directly with Google
  • Register your site with Google WebMasters Tools (recommended)
  • Get an inbound link from a website that Google already knows about