How much of your site does Google know about ?

Try this simple test to find out how many pages Google knows about your site:

Type site:<your URL> into Google search as illustrated below:

google site command

Results & interpretation

After establishing Google knows about your site in step 1, we have used a special type of Google search to find out how many of your website’s pages does Google ‘know’.

Google will either:

List all or most of the pages in your site
Excellent! – Let’s move onto the next step 

List one or two, but not all pages in your site
We might have a problem here.

Often Google does not know about all of the pages in a website, and as a result, any information on those missing pages is invisible to search.  This is a particularly insidious issue because its not always apparent that this is occurring. Typically this issue is caused by an incompatibility with your website navigation system and Google’s search engine spider GoogleBot that prevents it from traversing your entire website. This issue is also known as spider blocking

To avoid this, ensure Google knows about your entire site by:

      • Create and register an XML sitemap (highly recommended)
      • Use a navigation system that is ‘spider friendly’ (a no-brainer)
      • Use links in your home page text to draw people into pages within the site.
        This is a great strategy as it also draws human visitors to engage further with your site

b) List no pages from your website 
Oh oh ! We have a problem here. This site is invisible!

Recheck Step 1 again coz it sounds like your site is not ‘known to Google’
If not then contact us to diagnose and correct this issue because its definitely costing you business.