What are your ‘target search terms’?

Target search terms or ‘keywords‘ are those words or short phrases your clients use when they are searching for your goods or services. Your ultimate SEO objective is to convince Google to show your website to your clients when they are searching your target terms. It’s inconceivable that your website will appear in Google search results for every possible search term, so understanding and selecting your optimal search term is a key foundation to your SEO program.

How do you determine your ‘target search terms’?

It’s relatively easy. You find out what your clients mostly search for; but please don’t assume you know already.  Assuming what they search for is one of the biggest mistakes in SEO.  Take your knowledge of your business and your Clients then use the Google Keyword Planner to investigate typical searches.

This tool will reveal searches based on a ‘seed keyword’ you provide. Consider also if your clients will search:

  1. ‘locally’ ie they might put Adelaide or Blackwood in their searches
  2. for a problem or the solution
  3. using jargon or slang

Use the Keyword Planner to find the more frequently searched keywords, checking to see if there are some that have less competition. Sometimes you can generate a good number of sales leads by targeting terms that don’t mean you have take on the established players head on.

SEO Adelaide Example
The example below is using the search term SEO Adelaide as a seed term.
It shows 720 searches on average for the last 12 months, compared for example with SEO services adelaide with only 260 searches per month. The Keyword Planner tool also provides an indication of online competition for the term from low to high. The AdWords Average Cost Per Click (Avg CPC) is also a very good indicator of competition. The terms that generate more business tend to be bidded on more aggressively (we’re assuming our competitors know what they are doing 😉 pushing up the average click price.

KeyWord Planner

Roll your mouse over the graph icon to view 12 months search volume history chart. In this case the searches are fairly consistent so seo adelaide may be a viable target search term.

seo adelaide keyword planner chart

SEO Services Adelaide on the other hand inexplicably peaked briefly in March and dropped off again making it a less desirable target term.
Also notable is that the AdWords CPC for SEO Services Adelaide is $3.42 (20%) more expensive than SEO Adelaide…

seo services adelaide keyword planner chart

We wrote Discover your Target Keywords to help folks choosing their target keywords.
You can download for free here

SEO TickIf you are on top of your target terms then check out the next step in the SEO Review