Robots metatag can stop Google from showing you site

Jason asked:

Why is it when I search for my new site, even after months, Google has not picked it up
Any clues there?

A quick check on Jason’s site showed this coding in the home page:

<meta name=’robots’ content=’noindex,nofollow’ />

This is the robots metatag which instructs search engine’s robots or spiders how to interact with the site
In this case the tag is saying dont index the site (ie no index) and dont follow any links in this site (ie no follow)

In other words the robots tag is saying to Google and other search engines, please ignore this site; and that is exactly what Google has done.
Consequently the site does not appear in any Google search results.

As it happens this is a WordPress site, and the site’s visibility settings are configured to private which generates this robot metatag setting

To fix the issue:

  1. Login  into your WordPress site
  2. Go to Administration->Settings ->Reading
  3. Set the Site Visibility setting to Allow search engines to index this site

Recheck your home page source code and the robots metatag noindex and nofollow commands should be gone.

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