Pay per click advertising

What is Google AdWords ?

Google AdWords is a ‘pay per click’ marketing tool that can dramatically increase the number and quality of online sales leads.
Depending on the online competition in your industry, Adwords can be quite affordable.

Adwords is available in:

Google searches
This is the most visible form of AdWords – where text ads are displayed adjacent Google searches

‘Display Network’
Adwords ads are also seen on websites throughout the internet that choose to show Google ads. Referred to as the ‘Google Display Network’, your ads can be displayed based on targeting criteria so that your ads are shown on the type of website your clients would typically visit.

The display network allows a wider range of ad types including image, animated as well as the text ads shown in the search network.

How does Adwords work ?

AdWords will display your ad(s) if it can match your nominated keywords with Google searches.
If your ad resonates with the searcher, and they click on it, they are directed to your website.
You only pay Google if your ads are clicked – hence this type of advertising is referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’

AdWords is an excellent medium for

  • short term marketing campaigns
    for example relating to a specific promotion; product launch; industry or seasonal event.
  • supplementing your business’s organic presence

How do I get sales leads from AdWords ?

Ensuring your ads are displayed prominently for search terms that a sales prospect would make.


Immediate results

A key advantage of Google AdWords is its immediacy. Literally within minutes of establishing an Adwords campaign, internet searchers will see your ads; can click on them; and start buying your products and services.

If you make changes to an existing campaign i.e. add a keyword; change your Ad; introduce a new campaign, these are instantly changed online.

What does Adwords cost ?

You only pay Google if your ads are clicked – its referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising
The click cost is calculated by Google based on:

  • the amount your nearest competitor is bidding (its an auction after all)
  • how ‘relevant’ your ads and landing pages are

Budget using AdWords ?


Adwords works on a daily budget model.
Once the sum of the clicks matches your daily budget, your ads stop showing until the next day.


Adwords also provides extensive online and emailed reports showing:

  • numbers of page views
    (i.e. number of times your Ad is displayed)
  • clicks
    (i.e. number of times your ad has been clicked)
  • individual keyword performance
    (i.e. which search keyword is resulting in clicks)

This information can be used to ensure your Adwords campaign returns you excellent value for your online marketing budget.

Using the internet to attract sales leads

Most contemporary business people now enquire online for product and services; they are time poor and the internet is a faster and more convenient mechanism for researching purchases.

Given that over 90% of all Australian internet search activity utilises Google, then Google AdWords is a powerful mechanism to capture leads from people who are searching for exactly what you provide.

Properly implemented and maintained, an AdWords campaign is a very cost effective lead capturing tool and a significant medium to capitalise on your website investment.

More information on Google AdWords is also available from

Succinct Ideas is a certified Google Adwords Partner with many years of building and operating Adwords campaigns.