What is a Website Health Check?

A website health check is a detailed inspection and analysis of your website’s sales effectiveness – it gives you information to help improve your website’s ability to generate sales for your business. Our website reviews examine a range of factors that influence SEO and on-line sales and then provide analysis and recommendations on how to positively influence these.

If you’re a DIYer then tryout our free SEO Review Wizard. If this doesnt answer all your questions then call us.

A website health check gives information to:

  • Discover your website’s online marketing strengths & weaknesses
  • Tap into the enormous marketing opportunity the internet provides
  • Structure your website as a sales tool
  • Realize a ROI on your website investment
  • Identify opportunities to improve its sales effectiveness
  • Integrate on-line sales into your sales model

Maximize the value of your website to your business

We offer two forms of website health checks:

Basic Website Health Check

The basic website health check provides an overview of the sales effectiveness of your website through external observation.

The analysis is conducted using investigative software tools via conventional internet access to your site. This means we do not need to modify or intrude on your website nor do we need special security access. If fact this is how the world sees your website!

The basic website health check covers issues and parameters that might impact your site’s Search engine effectiveness.
We examine your website’s search engine performance by assessing key parameters including:

Keyword Analysis
We research search terms that represent potential clients for your business
We consider:

  • Are your sales prospects; local, national or international
    No point attracting visitors from California if you service cars in Norwood
  • Which search terms are more frequently searched
    You wouldn’t believe how frequently businesses target terms no-one searches for!
  • Achievable
    We provide data on search term competition, and may present search terms that will still present sales leads but without having to go head to head with monster websites if yours is a minnow.  For example strategies that has your site generating sales leads while you accumulate build its ‘authority’ over time to eventually take on the big boys.
    …but if you want to shoot for the stars we can help you do that too!
  • Seasonality
    Our keyword recommendations also include search volumes over a 12 month period so you can consider seasonal trends too.
    Sometimes target term usage fluctuate during the course of the year!

Once we have a short list of recommended search terms, we check your website’s ranking performance against these.
This can be ‘character building’ or a pleasant surprise, but its a very good online marketing base-lining exercise.
As you go forward with your online marketing program, you can refer back to this baseline to see:

  • how you are progressing
  • how your competitors are too
    • identify new online competitors
    • the entry or exist of off-line competitors
    • the ranking demise of competitors

Competition Scan
We check your website’s SEO characteristics and ranking performance against your competition and spell out why they rank better than your site does.
We can also spot businesses who are progressing rapidly, but maybe aren’t serious contenders just yet

Sales effectiveness
We also critically examine how your website performs as a sales tool

Standards compliance & defects
We validate your website against internet website standards and  technical defects
Google abhors errors, and even if you don’t know they are there


Extended Website Health Check

The Extended Website Health Check more closely scrutinises your website’s performance by installing measurement tools into the site.

This approach provides a much more detailed examination of the website; combining observational and visitor usage metrics.

A critical mass of visitor data is then accumulated to provide a detailed analysis including:

  • Who is visiting your website and why?
  • Where are they from?
  • How visitors found your website
  • What information is being looked and which is not?
  • Are these visitors viable sales prospects?
  • How can you attract more sales prospects?
  • How do search engines view your site?

The Extended Website Health Check establishes a bench-mark so allowing you to monitor and respond to ongoing changes including:

  • The effectiveness of website sales tuning etc.
  • The competitive dynamics in your online marketplace
  • Your site’s relative ranking in that marketplace
  • Changes in visitor activity in your site

The Extended Website Health Check report also provides:

  • Sales effectiveness reports delivered to you via email
  • Strategies and tactics on implementing improvements

Succinct Ideas’ Extended Health Check is designed for businesses wishing to capitalise on online sales opportunities.

Contact us to arrange a website Health Check and get your website paying is own way by generating sales leads for your business!