Succinct Ideas are pleased to offer high performance, high availability Premium Website Hosting Service.

Our Premium Website Hosting Service includes:


High performance Virtual Dedicated Server
o Guarantees your website’s processing power to respond quickly to visitors clicks
o Carefully managed number of co-located sites to reduce performance hits & hacker exposure
o Fully monitored and managed website quality across the server

Smart Firewall Protection
Our smart firewall monitors all visitors to your website. If it detects any suspicious hacker-like activity the visitor is temporarily blocked from your web site.  If they then continue the suspicious activity they are permanently blocked

The smart firewalls blocks:

o Brute force attacks
Hackers trying to break in by trying your login repetitively are stopped immediately
Port scan activities
Port scanning is a probing technique used locate potential hacking entry points to your site.
Our smart firewall immediately blocks port scanning activity.

Over the last 6 months our smart firewall has blocked up to 150 visitors per month because they exhibited suspicious activity. The majority of these visitors originated in China

blocked visitors by country code

Blocked Visitors by Country Code


Layered backups

o Your site is backed up daily/weekly
o We retain a history of backups online and offline

o Website performance and availability reporting is provided monthly
o Proactive performance monitoring and reporting

Australian Web Hosting
If your audience is in Australia, then our local hosting service means there is less internet infrastructure between them and your website to break or slow visitors down. Australian web servers are also managed under Australian law, so you can feel confident your site wont get indiscriminately ceased.  Also you are keeping money in Australia, and giving Australian’s jobs. Succinct Ideas hosting is locate din a secure computer centre in suburban Melbourne.

Real Service
If you’ve got a problem we work with you to resolve it personally.
You dont have to deal with us via software, or rmeote or foreign operators.
We work with you to solve the issue and get your website back to work as soon as possible.

Not expensive
Premium Web Hosting costs as little as $3 per day.
How much would it cost you if your business shutdown for a week ?