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If your website is running well it can make a huge difference to your business. But websites are complicated animals… a tangled mess of technologies, design and marketing. You also probably have a myriad of technical people doing mysteriously geek stuff for your site too – website hosting, domain registrar, a web developer and let’s not forget Google!

Succinct Ideas lives and breathes these things everyday – its what we enjoy. We have years of experience with website maintenance; a skilled team and a comprehensive diagnostic toolset to help us make sure your website performs well and contributes to your business objectives.

So let us help you by managing your website for you.

  • We’ll coax it to do more for you, while you get on with running your business.
  • We’ll use our monitoring systems to make sure your website is running well and stays in shape.
  • We’ll shield your website from nasty hackers, make sure its backed up and more.
  • We’ll send you easy to read reports on your website’s performance.
  • We’ll translate the geek speak into a language that you understand and can use in your business.

Got your own web hosting? Not a problem – We can still help you!

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Search Ads

This is the most visible form of Google Ads – where text ads are displayed in response to specific Google searches.

Display Ads

Typically seen as ‘banner ads’ across the internet.

We direct these ads to be shown to prospective clients, and even recent website visitors.

Shopping Ads

Products for sale shown in Google Search along with a thumbnail image and the price.

The best-converting product advertising.

Video Ads

Shown in YouTube before or during video plays.

Low-cost exposure for a younger demographic.

Google Ads Search

Google Ads will display your ad(s) if it can match your nominated keywords with a Google search.

If the searcher clicks the ad, they are directed to your website.

You only pay Google if your ads are clicked, hence this type of advertising is referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’

Display Ads

Google Ads can also be seen on websites across the internet.  Using demographic and geo-targeting, as well as Artificial Intelligence your ads are displayed to people who are likely prospects for your business.

Simlar to search ads, you don’t pay unless the person clicks you ad.

Shopping Ads

These ads are visually engaging, featuring an image of the product, along with its title, price, store name, and sometimes additional elements like reviews or promotions.

They appear either at the top of the search results page or in a dedicated shopping tab, making them highly visible to potential buyers.

If clicked, the searcher is taken directly to the product page in the website.

Deploying Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads campaign is a complex task that includes:


  • Defining campaign objectives
  • Develop the online marketing strategy
  • Determine the optimal Google Ads campaign(s)
  • Create the campaign elements (Ads, extenions, imagry etc) 
  • Launch the campaign(s)
  • Monitor & Optimise


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