Speedier site generates more leads especially from mobiles

WordPress and other CMS make it easy to churn out a good looking site easily – but at what price ?

The website load chart below is a case in point. Last Saturday I invested time to tune this puppy to pull it back from up to 20 secs (14 secs average) page load back to under six secs (2.9 average).
Sure there was some images that needed to be optimised but also I also added gzip compression addressed a couple of 404 errors etc.
Quite a bit of work but the end result is plain to see in this page load chart:

Speeding up your Website

BTW this chart and the corresponding page load waterfall (not shown here) is from Zoho’s fabulous website performance and availability reporting service Site 24×7

The site’s home page loads 14 secs faster.
That’s got to be good for visiting sales prospects and I’d expect a drop in bounce rate as a result.

Mobile visitors like slimmer sites?
What these stats comparing before and after the tune up show is that mobile users got more engaged in the site:
Double the Pages per visit and a massive 500% increase in visit duration up from a miserable 27 secs to 2:43 secs average

mobile vs desktop

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