Standby for HTTP/2 – A faster, more secure internet!

A faster internet with HTTP/2

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The internet is going to get faster. Yowzah!  It’s a tad techy, but trust me this is a BIG DEAL. The connection between your browser and internet stuff will be able to run faster and more securely using the all new and improved HTTP/2. Its good news for all internet users.

When we be going faster ?

When both your browser and the web server/resource you’re connected to both have HTTP/2 support.

Browsers are ready. Maybe.

Chrome 40 (already released) includes HTTP/2 support
Firefox 35 already supports HTTP/2
Internet Explorer (You want performance and you use IE. Really??!)

Web Servers are ready. Maybe.
IIS released in Windows 10
Apache requires mod_spdy to be deployed
* see Industry Comments below
Litespeed can support HTTP/2

The HTTP/2 low down

* Warning there’s some techy stuff here!*
HTTP/2 is nearly here. About time! The HTTP/2 standard which has been under development since 2012 is nearly ready to be released into the wild. HTTP/2 offers a number of ‘modernised approaches’ to shifting data across the wire that are quite normal now in other communications mediums so its good to see the internet finally catching up.

Binary transfers

HTTP 1.1 currently only allows text transfers over the wire. HTTP/2 will inherently improve online transfer speed and security by providing for binary data transfer.


HTTP/2 allows for multiple bidirectional streams, multiplexed over a single TCP connection, and multiple HTTP/2 TCP streams can be used (up to 100, all independently) as well. Wow!

More compression coming to an internet near you soon

Standby for the HPACK http header compression standard to be published soon

Industry Comments

Andrew White, Technical Support Manager at Micron21

At this stage we have no plans to implement HTTP/2.0 (or HTTP/2 as it’s also called) due to software incompatibilities. Currently cPanel provides very limited unofficial support for mod_spdy (the origin of HTTP/2.0) due to incompatibilities with the latest Apache version and dependencies on a flawed version of OpenSSL.

This standard has only been approved by the IESG for 7 days now – the technology would definitely be classed as bleeding edge software. The environment we provide is an enterprise production based one, so we will likely not run this on any of our servers at any time soon.

A point of interest is that Litespeed (the primary HTTPD we use on our shared hosting, we ditched Apache a few years ago) has put in preliminary support for HTTP/2.0 on their open/development application OpenLitespeed, so we’ll likely have provisional support in Litespeed within the next month or two.

Kind Regards,

 Andrew White
Technical Support Manager



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