Mobile searches will be more accurately reported in iOS7

If you are interested in what people searched before they arrived at your website then it has been a frustrating time recently:

Google Analytics has been masking search terms for ‘privacy reasons’ and calling the result ‘not provided’ for some time now. This results in around 30% of organic search terms hidden in Analytics – here’s a current example:

Google Analytics 'not provided' search terms - over 30% of searches

Google Analytics ‘not provided’ search terms – Typically around 30% of searches

Safari on iOS6 on your iPhone & iPad had also been masking search ‘refer’ info since Sept 2012 too. Searches from these popular mobile devices has been mis-reported in your web stats systems since then but Search Engine Land reporter Barry Swartz has been testing iOS 7 and notes that “…When iOS 7 is released to the masses, expect major shifts in your analytics to account for the proper reporting of Google search traffic from iOS devices.

Yah! At least we’ll be able to analyse critical mobile web traffic a bit more accurately… at least for a while…